Alliance for Strategic Intelligence
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About Alliance for Strategic Intelligence

ASI is an Investigative Research Firm for Global Risk Management. 

Our Plan: ASI achieves its target objectives by understanding the strategic agenda of its clients and parallel that interest into an exposure model via geographical, competitive, espionage (FIS) and risk assessment. Our job is to think about that which our Clients are   not and mitigate unnecessary risk or support our Clients efforts (SEE CHART BELOW).

                Geographical:                         Competitive:                   Espionage (FIS):  

The core focus of our job is to provide an analytical understanding of the implementation and execution of your strategic agenda. We not only focus on the surface threats and counters to those threats, but also the psychological condition of that working environment, along with past, current and future trends associated with the market.  

                                            Contributing Factors:

                                        ► Fair Risk Assessment  
                                        ► Threat Analysis
                                        ► Intervention
                                        ► Exit

Additionally, ASI will create models for various educational, corporate and groups seeking to understand media, politics, global economics, social and religious differences and how these differences may affect their lives as it may apply to their professional project(s).