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ASI Global Services


► Physical Surveillance                                                
► Due Diligence Processing
► Professional Interviewing
► Cyber Investigations
► Internet Monitoring
► Technical Surveillance for 
     Counter Ops




In the US Corporate Espionage - The United States has known for some time that it has been victimized by economic espionage mounted by other countries, especially China and Russia. According to a counterintelligence expert hired by companies to help them counter this threat, the toll for these crimes are far, far higher than what has been officially reported. Economic espionage represents “the greatest transfer of wealth in history,” said General Keith Alexander, NSA director and commander of U.S. Cyber Command, at the American Enterprise Institute in 2012.

The quick answer to understanding the benefits of our service in one phrase is “Knowledge is Power”! If you simply look at the estimated over $500 Billion Dollars in lost revenue in the United States due to espionage alone, the aforementioned phrase should make a lot of sense. Threat levels across the board poses many unforeseen potential problems for individuals and corporations. Understanding the geographical, FIS, terrorist, industry trends and how they relate to these threats are invaluable. ASI utilizes a wide range of resources to mitigate such risk. We create a secured strategy to assist your desired outcome.  

           Research & Development

► Identify, Track & Document Threats.
► Collect & Analyze Intelligence Information
► Research, Compile, Analyze, Interpret Statistical Data
► Prepare Case Reports, Charts & Analysis
► Disseminate Intelligence Information.

                                     Risk Management  

                  ► Conduct Surveys/Polls
                  ► Conduct Risk Assessments & Solutions
                  ► Counter Threat Tactics Implementation 
                  ► Information Research (Fact Check)
                  ► Conduct HPA (High Probability Analysis)  
                  ► Translation
                  ► Media Interpretation 
                  ► Travel Threat Analysis
                  ► Information Retrieval 
                  ► Information Solicitation Services